looking at life through a platinum blonde fringe.


I am a fully functioning, fully credible adult who happens to have albinism.
That’s right, I’m an ‘albino’.

While I don’t believe this gives me special rights, neither do I believe in sitting back and allowing misinformation about this condition to saturate the world.

For other adults with albinism, for the children coming up after me with the condition. for their parents and grandparents, for educators, medical professionals and other interested parties, it’s vital to me that their knowledge be correct and complete, and i hope that this tiny tiny conduit can help alleviate even an iota of fear from their minds.

To parents of KWA (kids with albinism):
your child is unique, yes.
different, yes.
amazing, yes.
Don’t hold them back.

One response to “About

  1. Linda says:

    Fantastic stuff,Elizabeth…

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