looking at life through a platinum blonde fringe.

So it would seem… Or not.

Some more things you may not have thought of..

I have been reading Facebook posts and thinking of my own experience to find what may be unique or different for people with albinism.

A comment about not sharing music scores with others rang a bell. I hated people asking to share my book, be it in class, in church, in music, or anywhere. Once I gave up the closeness with which I needed to hold and use the book, I gave up all chance of reading along or following. And this was so hard to explain! The usual comments of “you’re wearing glasses you should be able to see better than me”, “maybe you need glasses” or “fine, don’t share, just don’t ask me for favours” don’t help and I feel for people still going through this because it really is so frustrating!

Sticky tape. You know how hard it is to find the end of the tape, right? Multiply it! Any light shining onto the roll confuses the issue. I know the solution is to use a tape dispenser, but this isn’t always practical. You’ll recognise us at Christmas wrapping time, we’re the ones fifteen minutes behind everyone else, turning the roll of tape around and around and around.

Jigsaw puzzles. My family loves doing a communal puzzle. All of them around the table, over coffee, edibles and family jokes and teasing. I tend not to join in, and they assume I don’t like puzzles. Wrong! I love puzzles, but I need to be front and centre and have all the pieces I need within reach. And i usually lean right over where everyone wants to be. I’m okay if they say “here’s all the sky pieces make it work” but usually they don’t, because I don’t push it.

Lost in a crowd. This happened recently; I got separated from the group I was with. (Turns out they were behind me but I thought they’d gone ahead of me) I scanned the crowd ahead and saw a dark haired person with a bright orange top, like one of the team. Got there breathless…. It wasn’t her. Then I scanned for a tall blonde in a blue shirt, found her! Made my way through the crowd… Wasn’t her. I went around and around the space we were in, looking for recognisable features, to no avail. I moved to the next exhibition space, walked around and around… Then found them. Our group had a couple of Chinese people in it, and every time I said “you all look alike” everyone laughed at my stab at a bad racist joke. I had to explain that actually, from ten feet away, they DID all look alike. Dark hair, dark hair, dark hair and dark hair. The only thing I recognised them by from that distance was their clothes. I was so stressed by the time we met up, they realised how serious I was about it. If they spoke to me I was fine, or if I recognised a couple of them together I was fine. But in a crowd, searching…. I was lost in more ways than one.

Again this isn’t a cry for pity or a post for point scoring, it’s just for sharing things that may not seem obvious at first. What has reminded you recently about your “crap” vision?

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